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Level 3, 102 Adelaide St. Brisbane City

Opening Hours

Clinic Opening Hours
Mon,Fri: 7:30am – 6:00pm
Tue,Wed,Thu: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Sat: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Phone/Video Consultation
Mon,Fri: 7:30am – 7:00pm
Tue,Wed,Thu: 8:30am – 7:00pm
Sat,Sun,Public Holiday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

We refer all after hour consultations to House Call Doctor.
Phone 13 55 66


  • Out of Pocket for a 15 minutes Standard consultation: $45 (Total $87.85 with Medicare Rebate $42.85)
    >20 minuets Long Consultation: $90 (Total $172.9 with Medicare Rebate $82.9)
    *International patients have a different fee schedule, please call us to find out.
  • Telehealth fee is the same as above for Medicare Card holders (Note: Telehealth for people who haven’t been seen by our doctor Face-To-Face over the last 12 months cannot claim the Medicare Rebate unless the consultations are for some specific conditions. This means the Standard/Long telehealth consultation fee is private fee and it is $87.85/$172.9, respectively).
  • Bulk Billing for people under 16 years old and people over 65 years old with the AgePension.
  • $10 discount for DVA card holders for weekday 8am-6pm (No discount outside of this period).
  • Fee for Saturday Face to Face consultation 10:00-3:00pm is different from the above.
  • Fee for every consultation of weekdays 7:30-8:00am and telehealth evening time 6:00-7:00pm is different from the above.
  • If you book a standard consultation and the consultation takes more than 20 minutes, you will be charged a long consultation fee.
  • People with private insurance (including OSHC) will be covered by the private insurance (generally, the same amount as a Medicare card holder’s Medicare Rebate).
  • The above fee may differ to people who only have overseas insurance.
  • Out of Pocket fee can vary depending on consultations and it is at the discretion of each GP.
  • There are some private fee only consultations, even for people with a Medicare Card, such as commercial driver’s license certificate, mole/wart removal, etc.
  • Some vaccines cost a private fee if there are no Medicare eligible conditions.
  • Some investigations and treatments/procedures cost an Out-of-Pocket fee such as ECG, suture, dressing, excisions, biopsies, ear syringe, contraceptive insertion, etc.


Monday – Friday (8am-6pm)

Monday – Friday (8am-6pm)
18/5/2023 – site open day: discounted private fee
Standard: $50 out of pocket (if you have private insurance, it may cover a part or full payment))

Additional fee will apply for the following time.

Policy for People having respiratory / flu symptoms

If you have any COVID 19 or respiratory/Flu symptoms such as fever, cough m, runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache, muscleache, etc, we request cannot come in to our clinic physically, but you book a telephone consultation with your GP. The GP will give you consultation and instructions. This policy to protect the safety of our patients and staff in the clinic. Therefore, your understanding on this matter is greatly appreciated.

When making a booking

We recommend to book proper time frame for your consultation.
Generally, one standard time consultation is for one issue. If your issues are two or more, please make a longer consultation.
The first visit to see our GPs requires 30 minutes consultation.
If you don’t know the time frame for your issue, please contact our staff.

Policy for cancellation

We understand that unexpected issues can happen and you may have to cancel an appointment. If that happens, we ask for appointments to be cancelled and you notify us at least 12 hours in advance.
$50.00 fee for appointments that didn’t meet the above criteria or if you do not attend your appointment.
This fee needs to be paid prior to booking your next appointment.

Policy for not paid

After a consultation, if you don’t pay a consultation fee within 24 hours, you will be incurred additional $100. If you don’t pay the fee, you will not be able to make another booking with us.

Telehealth (video) and Telephone consultation

Fee for Telehealth (video) and Telephone consultation is the same as Face-to-Face consultation fee.
Patients who had a Face-to-Face consultation with one of our GPs in tour clinic over the last 12 months are eligible to have Medicare funded Telehealth (video) and Telephone consultation.
Patients who didn’t have a Face to Face consultation with one of our GPs in our clinic over the last 12 months are not eligible to have Medicare funded Telehealth (video) and Telephone consultation. In this case, patients are still able to have Telehealth (video) and Telephone consultation if you are agreeable with that private fee will be incurred.
For some conusltations such as GP care plan, Mental Health Care Plan, it is necessary to be either Face-to-Face or Telehealth/video consultation and this can not be done by Telephone consultation.
Patients who want to have Telehealth (video) Consultation, we will advise how to do it.

Regular script request service

For our regular patients who needs repeat regular script, we can address in this script only system.
– Non-urgent (normally, it is address within 48 hours) $20
– Urgent (needing he script within 24 hours) $30

Please note that Schedule 8 drugs and some drugs can not be prescribed in this system and they need to be prescribed by consultations with GPs.

Referral request service

For our regular patients who needs referral only, we can address in this referral only service system.
-Non-urgent (normally, it is address within 48 hours) $20
-Urgent (needing he script within 24 hours) $30

Please note that some referrals can not be done in this system and they need to be done by consultations with GPs.

Investigation results

Please be aware that if you had an investigation, you would need another follow up consultation. Normal blood tests come back in 2-3 days and normal x-ray comes back in 1-2 days (depending of type of investigation). GPs advise when to come back.
We also recall once investigation results come back. Therefore, please make another booking, once you get the recall message.
Please note our GPs recall you, even if investigation result is normal. We believe that notifying and discussing investigation result are a part of holistic approach and very important in the continuous medical care.
Please note that a consultation of discussing investigation result is not bulk billed. It follows the mixed billing consultation fee policy.

Urgent consultation request

If the condition is really urgent, you should call 000 or go to Emergency Department of nearest hospital.
If you think it is not the case of above and wants to have consultation with a GP on that day, our GPS will have on-the-day spots for this possible case and try to accommodate as much as possible.

Confidentiality and non-judgmental approach

Our GPs are all aware of the Australian GPs standard and importance of confidentially and non-judgmental approach.
We value this standard so that everyone can feel comfortable to come in to our clinic.

Suggestion and Feedback

We welcome suggestions and feedback so that you have a positive experience at our clinic. Please contact us for them.

Zero tolerance to abuse

We have zero tolerance to any form of abuse to any of our member in our clinic.
We solve this matter in a proper way if that happens.

Out of surgery visits

If you are too sick to come to the surgery, a home visit can be arranged. Where possible we prefer you to come to the surgery where we have all our equipment available. Visits can also be arranged for patients in nursing homes and hospitals.

After hours services

When the surgery is closed our telephones answering service will instruct you on our practice opening hours as well as providing information of accessing care outside normal opening hours. The Home Doctor Service provides a GP home visit on behalf of our doctors to those who require a doctor in the after hours period.
Direct phone number : 13 72 45

Communication policy

You can communicate us through the phone (07)34389835 or email
We will get back to your email within 1 business day. Any missed phone call, please leave a message and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

How to provide feedback or complaints

To provide feedback please email or call (07)34389835.
To make a complaint, please contact us to fill out a form and email to We will get back to you within 7 business days.

SkyArch Medical Clinic
Get To Know Us

Welcome To
SkyArch Medical Clinic

General Practice in the centre of Brisbane

Level 3, 102 Adeleadie Street Brisbane City QLD 4000
Come up via the lift to level 3 of the building 102 Adelaide St Brisbane City. The building is right next to the King George bus station. It is facing King Geroge Square and Adelaide street.

Why Choose Us

Our Philosophy

General Practice looks after universal issues.
We challenge tackling those universal issues. We try to help people in front of us. This is our philosophy and pride.


We Cover Everything

Sky Medical Brisbane is a GP clinic which welcome all people. We look after all people regardless of their gender, age, race, culture , nationality and background. And we cover all medical and mental conditions.

Japanese Language

Most of our doctors, nurses, receptionists’ first language is Japanese. We welcome who want to have consultations in Japanese. Please click below for our website written in Japanese. Of Course, we welcome people who speak English as well because our staff have been trained in Australia and we are bilingual.

GP Doctors

We have experienced General Practitioners (GPs). Please click below to see our GPs lineup.

Gender Friendly

We are gender friendly and respect any identity of gender. We welcome people of LGBTQAI+.

Beauty Salon

We have a room for a beauty salon. Mika is a certified beautician.

07 3438 9835

Level 3, 102 Adelaide St. Brisbane City

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